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Welcome to the data-analysis portal that evaluates every stock listed on the Major US Exchanges to provide long term investors with top trending stocks at the end of every business day. 

What we do

We didn’t invent trend following, we made it easier


Our proprietary algorithms are based on decades of investors successfully implementing a Trend Following Strategy and a decade of testing to optimize the Trending Stocks solution. Our platform allows you to select the criteria that fits your investment objectives and executes all the time-consuming calculations, with just the click of a button.

After personally experiencing 4 market meltdowns and doing more than 10 years of research, I am more convinced than ever that using Stop Losses, especially the Trailing Stop Loss, is a critical component of Risk Management to lock in profits and protect the downside.

– John Duffy

CEO and Co-Founder, Trending Stocks

The safest, most profitable way to prepare for your future is by following the trend… Everything else beyond trend is white noise.

- Michael Covel

Author of Trend Following (2017)

Trend following trading is an important force in every market and should be a part of any diverse investment portfolio.

- Larry Hite

Founder of Mint Investments (in Trend Following, 2017, by Michael Covel)

Cut short your losses, and let your profits run on.

- David Ricardo

Political Economist 1838 (in Trend Following, 2017, by Michael Covel)

To look at return without also looking at downside risk is a dangerous bet that I am not willing to make.

- Paul King

Head of Research and Development of Hawking Alpha (in Trend Following, 2017, by Michael Covel)
How it works

Power your investing with trend following, made easy

Step 1: Join

Register for your 4-week free trial, no credit card required, no obligation. Your trial includes access to all of Trending Stocks features. Special offer $19.99/month.

Step 2: Curate

Select stock criteria based on your portfolio goals, risk tolerance and desired transaction size.

Step 3: Audit/Review

Access your custom report which highlights every trending stock that met the criteria you selected, identified by rate and rank.

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Step 4: Invest

Login to or contact your preferred broker, place your Buy order, and set your trailing stop-loss position. You’re in control. Get ready for more wealth, less worry.

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Time is money, invest both wisely

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What You Get

Built by investors for investors

Trending Stocks is an innovative platform designed to help investors who don’t have the time or inclination to do the complicated charting required to gain the benefits of a trend following strategy.

Analyzed Daily

At the end of market close Trending Stocks analyzes over 9000 stocks and ETFs to identify every trending stock that meets your investment criteria. This gives you the power to control your investment portfolio every day.

Data-Driven Insights

Reports are based on both standardized and customized selection criteria across 10 different time frames, and every price point in every sector on all the US stock exchanges. Stocks trends are graded, rated, and ranked.

Unbiased Reporting

Trending Stocks allow individual investors to take control of their investments strategically and systematically. Emotions are the enemy of any successful investment strategy. The logic in our system is hard coded, refinable and repeatable.

Risk Management

Trending Stocks is designed to help you manage your risk with a proven formula. Our cutting-edge algorithms calculate an appropriate share position based on your risk tolerance and provide a prudent stop loss position to both lock in gains and manage the downside.


Blog & Resources

A suite of short, engaging videos, and articles to help you become comfortable with and confidant of the strategy of trend following.


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