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2023 Year End Review + Some Stocks Trending



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Everyone is doing a year-end review and this seems like the right time to do two things –

  1. Let you know the tools and features we have added to the Platform in 2023 and what’s coming in 2024.
  2. Highlight examples of stocks that are currently trending as of 12/30/23.


Additions to the Search Section (left side of Dashboard)

*Detailed Search – S & P 500

*Detailed Search – Nasdaq 100

*Detailed Search – Russell 200

*50/200 Day Moving Average Crossover Graph (a Trend Indicator) added to the Graph It tab

Additions to the Today’s Results report (right side of Dashboard)

*Trailing Stop Loss Calculation for each stock/ETF

Additional Trend Indicators

*Percent Change in a Stock’s Price – based on Days Trending selected

*50 Day Moving Average (DMA) – Advancing, Declining, Neutral

*50/200 Day Moving Average (DMA) Calculation – determines if crossover occurred and whether change is ascending or declining. To see the actual graph go to Graph It tab, select Crossover and Yes.


Q-1 – January – the TSX, Canadian Stock Exchange

Q-2 – April (tentative) – London Stock Exchange

H-2 – Additional Foreign Exchange

Our Development is strongly influenced by Members requests. If there is something you would like to see and will benefit other Members, please let us know!

Stocks Currently Trending

The pundits and analysts are talking about the price movements of the usual suspects – the Magnificent 7, etc.

But what about all of the others?

We thought you would like to see stocks that have been trending in 2023 that few are talking about but are making money for those who own them!

Caveat – as an information source, an analysis and search engine, we do not recommend stocks to buy.

Here is how we generated the list.

Using Search All Markets on the Dashboard, we selected Days Trending – 100, with a Trend Strength of 1.

We did not select a Price Point though we could have.

We selected one stock from each Sector. With one exception, we avoided big dollar stocks.

The closing price and percentage is current as of 12/30/23.

ENERGY – Nexgen Energy, Ltd. (NXE) + 42.57% — Closing Price $7.00

MATERIALS – Compania Mina Buenaventura S.A. ADR (BVN) + 95% — Closing Price $15.24

UTILITIES – NRG Energy (NRG) + 37.79% — Closing Price $51.70

INDUSTRIALS – Janus International (JBI) +19.72% — Closing Price $13.05

FINANCIAL SRVS – Western Alliance Bancorp (WAL) + 24.16% — Closing Price $65.79

COMMUNICATION SRVS – SNAP, Inc. (SNAP) +60% — Closing Price $16.93

CONSUMER STAPLES – Sprouts Farmers Markets (SFM) +25.98 – Closing Price $48.11

HEALTH CARE – Blueprint Medicines Corp (BPMC) + 95% — Closing Price $92.24

INFORMATION TECH – SentinelOne (S) + 75% — Closing Price $27.44

CONSUMER DISCRETIONARY – Lululemon (LULU) +33.67% — Closing Price $511

REAL ESTATE – Newmark Group (NMRK) + 39.09% — Closing Price $10.96

Have we mentioned in addition to our amazing analysis, we are an awesome search engine? Check it out! It will help you locate those great under the radar stocks.

The Year 2023 has been filled with some up and many downs. In spite of that, we are resilient, as is the Market.

Here is to a 2024 that is filled with Understanding and Good Will, Peace and Prosperity for all!

Thank you to all for being Members and part of this wonderful Community!

See you next year!


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