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How to Use the Top 25 to Re-Invest in the Stock Market

How To Use The Top 25 To Re-Invest in the Stock Market


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“If you can keep your wits about you while all are losing theirs…”
Rudyard Kipling and possibly George Bailey.

If you are completely or partially out of the market, waiting for it to ‘bottom out’ in order to jump on good buys – remember, we are in very tricky times.

Investors are cautious for a reason.

There are so many factors at play and, still, there will be stocks that will do quite well. It does not hurt to be take your time before making that jump.

“The market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.” John Maynard Keynes

Here is what we are planning to do – we have stocks in our Watch List. When we get the notification that one or more are trending, we will look closely at them.

Our personal preference is for stocks to be trending at least 20 days or longer.

If one of those stocks hits the Top 25 list, we are then very interested and will follow our ‘Quick 12 Step Process for Investing’.

The Top 25 Explained

The Top 25 search function on the Trending Stocks Dashboard provides a lot of functionality for quickly identifying top trending stocks and ETFs.

Options you can choose from in the Top 25 include:

  • Top 25 Stocks – By Symbol or By Rank
  • Top 25 ETFs, SPDRs, and Funds – By Symbol or By Rank
  • Any one of 13 different trend timeframes from 5 to 200 business days for each of the Top 25 Stocks or ETFs provides 52 different views of the Top 25.

Ultimately, it is a quick way to find the high performing Stocks and/or ETFs and Funds for the day. It can also give you a good idea regarding the Sectors that are currently hot.

This information can help members to select stocks regardless of the type of investor they are, conservative or aggressive.

Shorter Trend time frames such as 5, 10 and 15 days appeal to investors who want to filter for those stocks showing early gains and are looking for possible ‘breakouts’ even though the timeframes are too short to establish a solid trend.

We are inclined to call these ‘spikes’ not trends.

In this uncertain Market, be wary of spikes. Longer timeframes – anywhere from 20 to 200 business days, allow for a trend to form.

Remove Emotion

Even in a volatile market, there will be numerous good investment opportunities!

Just don’t get emotional, wanting to jump right back in. Breathe deep. Take your time. Follow the process.

Use the Trade Risk Calculator. Take smaller positions to allow for more diversification. Set your Trailing Stop Loss and use the calculation in the Today’s Results report page as a guide.

Stay Calm – Ride Your Winners and Cut Your Losses.

Our goal is to help all investors grow wealth and manage risk to keep it!

Have questions?  We love answering questions! Reply to this email or send a question to support@trendingstocks.io .

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