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Introducing Trend “Strength 4” For the Non-Trending Stock

Introducing Trend "Strength 4" For the Non-Trending Stock


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When Trending Stocks first launched, it was focused exclusively on ‘trending stocks’. However, as we listened to our Beta Testers we began to see requests for information about stocks that were no longer trending.

The Wish

In follow-up conversations with those who requested this information, we discovered that many of our members not only used Trending Stocks as a place to find new trending stocks to purchase, but they also came to see it as a place where they could 1) follow stocks that they had actually invested in, 2) follow stocks that had been identified as trending and which they wanted to follow for a while before deciding to invest or not.

With this feedback it was obvious to us that Trending Stocks’ original approach to identifying only a trending stock would not support those particular desires of our members. Time to go to the Drawing Board.

The Problem

Within Trending Stocks, the first requirement in order to establish a trend is that the stock’s price has hit a new high for the time period under consideration. That is, if you are interested in stocks that are trending over the past 40 days, the Trending Stocks application would present to you all of the stocks that had hit a new high for the past 40 days as well as met your other selection criteria.

That is ideal for identifying a trend, but if the stock’s closing price tomorrow was slightly below yesterday’s high, the stock would not be reported as trending. This required modifying the software.

The Solution

The solution was to create a new Trend Strength which, in keeping with the 40 day trend timeframe in the above example, would include any stock whose current price was now below the most recent high close yet within 5% of the prior high close.

In this way, all stocks whose price had recently , but no longer, hit a new high for any particular time period, would now be reported as “Trend Strength 4” until either the stock reached another new high or until the closing price fell below 95% of the previous high and was considered no longer trending.

Why Does This Matter?

It matters to our members so it matters to us.

Stock prices constantly move up and down and not only is it possible, but in many instances likely, that a currently trending stock may dip a bit or be flat. Therefore, it would not be indicated as currently trending. Yet it could also pop back up with a new high in short order and be trending again.

Our members did not want to lose sight of that stock and we agreed with them. So adding an additional trend strength for a stock that was very recently but no longer trending was added to the ‘enhancement list.’

That upgrade was recently installed and the feedback has been very positive!

It is always our goal to listen and respond to member suggestions and requests if it is within our power to do so. This is one example. In each instance so far, we have responded light years faster than the Big Players could or would!

We believe there is great value to our members to have that kind of engagement with them and responsiveness to them.

Our goal is to help all investors grow wealth and manage risk to keep it!

To that end, Ride Your Winner; Cut Your Losses!

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