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The Only Stock Screener and Dashboard You Will Ever Need!

The Only Stock Screener and Dashboard You Will Ever Need!


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Let’s get the “Don’ts” out of the way:

We don’t hold your money. We don’t place trades for you. We don’t tell you what to buy. We don’t provide day trading information.

Now to what we Do to help the average, DIY investor grow wealth and manage risk.

We Do –

Identify and provide information on every Trending Stock on all 3 major US Exchanges at the end of every business day.

Help you, the long-term investor, answer these tough questions: when to buy, what to buy, how much to buy, when to sell and how to manage risk.

Help you learn how to manage risk so you can sleep at night.

Help you determine your risk tolerance.

Help you break it down to a per trade number.

Calculate the number of shares to buy to stay within your risk tolerance.

Help you decide which stock trends may be best for you by calculating a Trend Strength number and rating each trending stock.

Calculate a prudent stop loss based on each stock’s volatility in both $ and %.

Show you how to make best use of the trailing stop loss.

And so much more.

Because we have added more tools and features since our recent launch, we were asked to create a list and describe all of the tools that comprise the Trending Stocks Platform and their value to the DIY investor.

A “here’s what it is – here’s what it will do for you” list.

We are excited to break that down for our members and for those who may become a member.

First, What’s New

We have added 7 new Tools and Features in just the past few weeks and we have more to come!

  1. Sector Report – shows each Sector’s performance over 4 timeframes.
  2. Top 25 – added Days Trending across 13 timeframes from 5 to 200 days.
  3. Added Additional Days Trending to Search Results – 5, 10, 15 days for the more aggressive investor.
  4. Stop Loss – for non-Trending Stocks with a Report showing data to assist in setting stop loss.
  5. Added Trend Strength 4 – indication of recently trending stocks that have fallen up to 5% and may make a come back.
  6. Added 50 day low to Graph – an indicator of possible sell.
  7. Watchlist Notification – email alert when stock on the list is trending.

The Platform –

The Dashboard is the Trending Stocks gateway. It contains two sections, on the left an Input section to create searches and on the right an Output section to view easy to read results. No complex charting, no heads or shoulders or candle sticks just clean, clear information.

Here is a simple screen shot with some of the input selections on the left. On the right, in this case, is a description of our coding system. Every section has some element of Risk Management which we will discuss as we go along.

The Outputs – the Results Section

The Results section on the right contains visual symbols that make it easy to quickly identify a trending stock in which you may have an interest.

The Risks considered for each symbol include 1. Volume of Shares Traded (500,000+ is preferred) and 2. Volatility for each individual stock. We take these very seriously because they are elements of Risk Management that must be considered.

Volume of shares traded below 500,000 means to the investor that the stock is not very “liquid” and it might be hard to find a buyer for your shares when you are ready to sell. Our personal preference is for stocks with over 1M shares traded.

The stock’s Volatility is another important factor. Our algorithms calculate Volatility over the preceding 15 days. Every stock has some level of volatility every day and that is to be expected. We are watching for stocks whose price has large daily swings which may add to its level of risk. This is used as an input to calculate each stock’s stop loss position.

You will notice a green circle with a check mark – this indicates that both risks are in the positive range and this may be a stock you should consider.

The amber triangle indicates that one of the risks is high and the investor should be cautious.

The red square with! in the center indicates that, even though the stock is trending, both risks are high and the investor should consider taking a pass on this stock.

The Results Report contains some standard information you will find anywhere such as: Name, Symbol, Sector, Year High/Low, Closing Price.

And, information that is unique to the Trending Stocks Platform! In addition to the visual Risk symbols, it also includes Trend Strength, Days Trending, Stop Loss position calculated in both $ and %, as well as the Volume of Shares Traded and Volatility used to calculate the Stop Loss.

Here is an example of what the individual stock’s Results report looks like. It is designed to be very easy to quickly scan and begin the selection process to sort out stocks of interest. NO complexity!

(P.S. See a stock that’s interesting? Use our graphing tool to visualize!)

The input side of the Dashboard, including stock screeners, is extremely robust and, we think, fun to use!

We will go through each of these in detail in the coming weeks so that you get a sense of how they work but more importantly why they are of real value to you in selecting stocks AND in managing your risk so that you can grow profits! And keep them!

Here are just a few differentiators –

We rate each stock’s trend strength (1-4) and rank every trending stock and ETF – hundreds even thousands at the end of every business day.

Those results are calculated over 13 time frames from 5 days trending to 200 days trending so no matter how aggressive or conservative an investor is they can identify stocks that satisfy that style.

A Watch List that 1) can accommodate an unlimited number of stocks; 2) by days trending (5-200); 3) issues an email alert when a stock on the watch list is trending.

A copyright protected Trade Risk Calculator. You will be very pleased with how it can help you Manage Risk! More details in upcoming Tidbit or see its FAQ on the website.

And there is a lot more!

If you have any questions, please hit reply if you have received this as an email. If not, please send questions to support@trendingstocks.io.

We love questions.

And please don’t forget, you can experience Trending Stocks for 4 Weeks for Free. Sign up for the Free Trial – No credit card.

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We are on a mission to help the individual, DIY investor to Ride Your Winners; Cut Your Losses — and manage risk to grow wealth!

Trending Stocks is an information platform only. Information provided on both the website, through the reports, The Trend and Trend Tidbits is meant to help users with their own analysis and strategies. Users are solely responsible for their investment decisions.

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