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What is Trending Stocks and How Does It Work?

What is Trending Stocks and How Does It Work?


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What is Trending Stocks?

Trending Stocks is an online platform that provides subscribers with actionable Reports on stocks that are trending based on multiple criteria over numerous timeframes and much more!

If you are a technical investor or follow a Trend Following strategy, this is information that will help you to make those investing decisions….without having to do any complex charting or calculations*. We have done all of that for you!

It is best suited for longer term investors not day traders since it is an ‘end of day’ solution.

What we do.

We use proprietary algorithms designed, developed and tested for over a decade to analyze every stock listed on the major US Exchanges. That information is distilled into an easy to understand format which users can search based on multiple criteria to identify trending stocks without the need for complex charting. We do that heavy lifting. You get the information you need to make investing decisions.

The Benefits of Trending Stocks.

Trending Stocks is an advocate of the successful, longstanding technical strategy called Trend Following.
It provides access to a proven and easy to understand investment strategy that’s based on facts, not predictions. It’s either trending or it isn’t.
The focus is on helping the investor to Grow Profits, Preserve Capital, Make it Easy.
It makes this strategy easy to apply objectively and consistently over time.
Trending Stocks identifies, rates and ranks every trending stock. Every day. Over 10 time horizons. Simplifying selection.
It makes it easy to decide “When to Buy”.
Simplifies “What to Buy”.
Provides a clear and concise formula to determine “How much to Buy”.
Offers an integrated process to manage Risk and determine “When to Sell”.
Makes the process objective, predictable and easily repeatable. Thereby helping you to control your “investing” emotions.
Includes insightful, educational blogs, articles and videos to help you get started and/or deepen your knowledge of Trend Following.
It helps the investor to Ride the Winners and Cut the Losses!

Who we are.

Trending Stocks was developed by a long term investor, with years of complex software development and broad business experience in multiple industries. It was designed as a tool to help investors who don’t have the time or inclination to do the complicated charting required to gain the benefits of a Trend Following strategy.

We are the premier provider of easy to use information on top trending stocks. There is no charting, no heads, no shoulders, no candle sticks (*unless you really want to!). Just great information on every trending stock, on every US Exchange, at the end of every business day.

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Trending Stocks is an information platform only. Information provided on both the website, through the reports, The Trend and Trend Tidbits is meant to help users with their own analysis and strategies. Users are solely responsible for their investment decisions.

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