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Why We Created The Trending Stocks Platform

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Our path to the creation of this platform came about from our own investment experience. Like most individual investors, we started investing with the belief that if we just bought the stocks of “good” companies and held them (Buy and Hold!), our futures would be secure.

And then found out, it just wasn’t so….

When the .com bubble burst in early 2000, the S&P dropped by 47% – and took us with it.

Then the Financial Crisis hit in ’08. The market dropped 56%. We rode that one down too!

We were Buy and Hold investors – in it for the long run – or as long as the money lasted.

Should we have known better? John has advanced degrees in Economics. We both have MBAs from top business schools. This is Not to blow our own horn. It’s to point out that your educational background or business experience does not matter.
We both come from large families of very modest means. Our parents didn’t go to college. John’s Mom didn’t even go to high school and started working right after 8th grade. Our Dads each worked two jobs.

We were taught a strict work ethic – work hard, be frugal, save your money, get an education. We did those things and when we were fortunate enough to have money to invest we followed the “in it for the long run, buy and hold” mantra. It was just the thing to do.

From the market collapse in the early 2000 ‘the long run” took more than 13 years, just to get back to even! Thirteen Years

We had to find a better way. We finally realized the problem isn’t the Market. It’s the Strategy.

After a great deal of research, we concluded a long-standing, technical strategy called Trend Following made sense and was a better way for us.

The basic principle is: Ride your Winners; Cut your Losses.

That is why we developed Trending Stocks.

We were fortunate that John has experience in complex software development. He got to work building a system with the goal of removing the complexity of Trend Following and making it easy for individual investors like ourselves and our family members to implement.

He and his team designed, developed, tested, and retested the algorithms that are the foundation of Trending Stocks.

It’s not a question of should you invest, but how best to invest.

To be successful in the Market every investor has to answer the questions:
What to Buy, When to Buy, How Much to Buy, When to Sell, How to Manage Risk.

Trending Stocks helps every investor to answer these questions.

We believe a Trend Following investment strategy is a great option for a portion of a person’s investing dollars.

To get the answers to those tough questions and learn more about the Trend Following strategy see the posts: What is Trend Following and How Trending Stocks Works.

Do we still Buy and Hold? Sure, for as long as the stock is trending…

Trending Stocks is an information platform only. Information provided on both the website, through the reports, The Trend and Trend Tidbits is meant to help users with their own analysis and strategies. Users are solely responsible for their investment decisions.

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